Our Company

Luxe-3D is a global design and architecture firm with offices spanning over three continents. Our firm is endowed with expertises across a wide range of disciplines and sectors, ranging from smart healthcare to sports venues, residential homes to renewable energy. Our goal is to create disruptive designs which are memorable, unique, multi-functional to users and promote eco-sustainability.


Our Expertise

Luxe-3D offers an innovative approach to the design of architectural projects, marrying unsurpassed technical expertise with internationally recognised design capability. Complex projects require an integrated design approach encompassing multiple design disciplines creating synergies from conception to completion.

Depending on the nature of the project, our initial approach includes the assembly of designers, engineers, surveyors etc of a local, international and culturally diverse background combining to create smart project solutions.

Whether it’s a sport stadium, hospital interior, smart device or product design, we are highly capable of creating 3D visualisation, 3D render and/or 3D models for any project. The end-product quality is hyper-realistic giving you an almost real-life photographic experience.

Conceptualised 3D visualisation & modelling helps minimise errors and save time. In recent years, we have seen a rise in the commissioning of our services from luxury property developers and those operating in the smart city sector.

LUXE-3D has created a specialist department consisting of tech experts to provide a bespoke tech service to operators and developers in the residential, healthcare, manufacturing, sports venue and hotel sectors. The explosive growth usage of smart devices in the last 15 months has made it increasingly critical for devices to communicate intelligently and seamlessly to boost productivity.

Some of the services we provide include, IoT, cloud computing, SaaS, big data, apps dev, tele-health, A.I. and more. New built developers are now engaging tech experts at early planning stage.

Having a vast range of experience and expertise in VFX, CGI, 2D-3D 4D animation, whiteboards, architect walk-throughs and website development and e-commerce, Luxe-3D already boast of the production of over 50 complex productions.

We are one of the best designers / animators of choice when looking for a young, creative and dynamic team to work with. Our animation services have developed over the years compiling a pool of assets. Additionally, we have standardised produced assets in accordance with MPA Security protocol and ISO 27001.

Luxe-3D, in collaboration with our parent company is a developer of bespoke luxury homes. We combine aspirational designs with over 18 years of experience in the development sector.

In recent years, we have placed heavy emphasis on reviving and regenerating under-used land and under–utilised spaces, creating aesthetically pleasing, environmentally sustainable and open landscapes. Ultimately, creating communities that thrives and offer a better quality of life.



Our project teams are tailored to size of each project, guaranteeing expert knowledge from conception to execution.

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